Working remotely, contributing to the electoral process

UNDP Bolivia elections working remotely

UNDP’s support to the Plurinational Electoral Organ of Bolivia is taking place in a challenging political environment which has additional difficulties of a health crisis added, This has prompted our stakeholders at the regional electoral tribunals as well as our own team to come up with creative solutions to fulfil our respective mandate remotely due to the massive spike in COVID-19 cases during the past few months.    In this context, digital […]

Gender and elections

Elections Bolivia gender UNDP

“Gender and Elections” as a topic shouldn’t be an important issue at this time, but it is. In 2020 we still have equality goals in our development agendas.  We must continue with this objective and this topic as a development goal to 2030, and even beyond, if it is required to achieve something basic and fundamental […]

Bringing together opposed opinions

UNDP Bolivia elections Mauro Calvo

Promoting dialogue and building confidence between the social and political actors is one of the pillars of the electoral project in Bolivia and a very important part of our work in the field.   In Cochabamba, the police left Chapare province after the incidents that followed the voting in October 2019 and did not return. As a result, […]

Capacity building and support for young prospects

The project has given me the opportunity to continue working for the most important international organization in the world.  I joined UNDP as an intern at the end of last year, just as post-election conflicts were at their peak. We all knew, back then, that if we were to collaborate in the reconstruction of the country and its social fabric, a joint effort between […]

Establishing lasting relationships

Elections Bolivia electoral assistance UNDP

The secret of building strong relationships lies in listening, supporting and respecting the work of our partners. This principle is part of a non-negotiable guiding philosophy within the project.  The synergies we have identified are built on trust and continued support. As a result of this, the UNDP team has been achieving its objectives, while complementing the titanic work that the […]