Our activities

2020 General elections

7.332.925 citizens authorized to vote in the 2020 general elections.

6.484.008 votes cast.
Approx 0
electoral notaries hired
Approx 0
polling stations

213.600 electoral juries drawn.

130 diputados
representatives before supranational parliamentary bodies
days took the announcement of the official results
36 senadores

Project's activities

The areas in which the Project works are:

  1. Provision of technical assistance and expert advice to the OEP.
  2. Creation of spaces for dialogue with key actors, to reduce the possibility of electoral violence.
  3. Dissemination of women’s political rights and support for their full exercise.
  4. Acquisition of critical electoral equipment, to replace that obsolete, damaged or destroyed in 2019.

Main achievements

As of May 2021, the achievements of the Project can be summarized as:

  1. The installation and maintenance of an interdisciplinary and highly experienced work team, made up of up to 30 local and international professionals, distributed in the 9 departments of the country.
  2. The organization and holding of more than 375 dialogues, aimed at civil society, the media, social forces, political organizations and other relevant agents within the electoral plane.
  3. The consolidation of a strategic alliance with UN Women to operationalize the gender objectives of the Project.
  4. And the acquisition of varied electoral equipment, for an approximate total value of USD 2,500,000, to underpin the planning and execution of the 2020 general elections and the 2021 subnational elections.